Meet the Farmers

Scott showing off some sweet potatoes

Scott showing off some sweet potatoes

Scott Laeser

A Wisconsin native, Scott has long been interested in food, the environment, and conservation policy. Plowshares & Prairie Farm gives him an opportunity to combine these interests while playing in the dirt. He started conservation work in the area a decade ago through his undergraduate research thesis, studying restoration efforts on the stream running through the farm. While Scott never missed a spring burn season in his time living outside Wisconsin, he now enjoys being able to blend conservation work with food production.

Where to find him when he's not farming: In the mountains, out on the water, or exploring the birds, native plants, and animals around the farm  

Favorite cheese: aged cheddar

Special cooking powers: butternut squash enchiladas and kale chips

Chelsea Chandler

Chelsea grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has bounced around from the Northwest, Northeast, and abroad before settling in to Wisconsin. She has a background in climate science and environmental policy, and has worked for a number of environmental non-profits. She is excited to be pairing this more abstract work with the tangible and rewarding work of growing food that is good for people and the environment. Drawing inspiration from activists from Michael Pollan to Bill McKibben, she's enthusiastic about empowering local communities to adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Where to find her when she's not farming: playing soccer, biking, traveling, trying out new recipes, canning, and working on her fly cast

Favorite cheese: manchego

Special cooking powers: patatas bravas and anything (and everything) involving garlic

Chelsea harvesting garlic

Chelsea harvesting garlic