FairShare CSA Coalition Endorsement

Since 2014, Plowshares & Prairie Farm is proud to be endorsed by the FairShare CSA Coalition.

FairShare CSA Coalition – formerly known as the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition (MACSAC) – organizes a network of CSA farmers, fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, and helps bridge the gap between growers and eaters. The Coalition is committed to raising the bar on quality and accessibility of CSA shares in Southern Wisconsin through education, outreach, community building, and resource sharing. Visit the FairShare CSA Coalition website to learn more.


Partner Shares


Through FairShare CSA Coalition’s Partner Shares Program, income eligible households can apply for assistance toward the purchase of a CSA share with Plowshares & Prairie Farm. 

Assistance is available for up to 50% toward the cost of the share, with a maximum of $300 of total assistance per household.  Partner Shares assistance helps by covering the full up-front cost and works with participants to set-up convenient payment plans. Participants can pay using post-dated checks or using your SNAP (food stamp benefits, also known as Quest, EBT or Foodshare). 

The annual application period is January 15 – April 15.  Funds are limited and assistance is offered on a first-come first-served basis.  In past years, assistance funds have been exhausted by April 1st, so apply early.

Contact FairShare CSA Coalition at (608) 226-0300 for more information or apply online: http://www.csacoalition.org/about-csa/partner-shares/.


Share the shares by making a tax-deductible donation to FairShare CSA Coalition to support the Partner Shares Program.  Donations are accepted directly to FairShare year-round online or through snail mail.

Online:  http://www.csacoalition.org/get-involved/donate/

Mail:  303 S. Paterson St. #1B, Madison, WI 53703.    

Alternatively, you can add a donation to your CSA membership check or use the Donate button below to pay with a credit card, and we will send all donations to FairShare on your behalf. 



FairShare CSA Coalition has published two cookbooks: From Asparagus to Zucchini and Farm-Fresh & Fast.  In addition to providing tons of seasonal recipes, they include great content on vegetable families, origins, nutrition, and tips for substitutions.  They are available for purchase on FairShare’s cookbook webpage.