Health Insurance RebateS

A number of health care providers in the region offer financial incentives for members who make healthy choices - like eating lots of fruits and vegetables through a CSA membership. Either through a direct reimbursement for a portion of a CSA share purchase, or via a reward points system, many farm members have opportunities to save money through their health insurance plan by forming healthy eating habits.


The FairShare CSA Coalition and a partnering health care provider have established an innovative program to encourage organic farming, keep local dollars in our communities, and build a healthier Wisconsin. The program supports FairShare’s work and mission, promotes healthy lifestyles, and takes a proactive approach to improving our health, environment, and communities.

As a member of Plowshares & Prairie – a FairShare endorsed farm – you are eligible for a rebate from Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW). GHC-SCW offers a variety of options for wellness reimbursements, including the purchase of a CSA share (you can provide documentation with the receipt we issue upon purchase). For questions about the Wellness Reimbursement program, email or visit their website.


Some health care providers offer a wellness program, where members can earn points for healthy habits (like eating fresh fruits and veggies from a CSA!) and redeem these points for monetary rewards which can help offset the cost of joining a CSA farm.

In 2017, Unity Health and Physicians Plus joined forces under the Quartz brand name.  Their wellness program, Quartz Well, allows members to earn points for wellness activities such as healthy eating. For questions about the program, contact Quartz at (800) 362-3310 or visit their website.

SSM Health (of which Dean Health is a member) also offers a point system to earn cash back for healthy habits (like eating fresh food from a CSA).  Details on their Living Healthy program are available by calling (866) 302-5268 or visiting their website.